intro-lect-1: realms of physics 'square'

intro-lect-2: Big picture - special relativity, general relativity, quantum field theory and gauge fields

intro-lect-3: quantum story timeline

lect-4: chpt. 1 - modern in a nutshell

lect-5: chpt. 2 - complex numbers

lect-6: chpt. 2 - operators-hilbert-spaces-eigen problems

lect-7: chpt. 3 - schrodinger1

lect-8: -chpt. 3 schrodinger2 (building it)

lect-9: chpt. 3 schrodinger3 (generalized)

lect-10: chpt. 3 schrodinger3 (Born and meaning)

lect-11: chpt. 3-born-prob-interpret-of-schro

lect-12: chpt. 3-observ-expect-variance

lect-13: chpt. 3 copenhagen-measure-epr-decoherence

lect-14: Shrodinger-Klein-Gordon-Dirac-equations

lect-15: Derivation of Schrodingers Time Independent Equation

lect-16: Qualitative Solutions to the Schro. Time Indep. Equat.

lect-17: Part 1 of 5 essential Solutions to the Schro. Time Indep. Equat.

lect-18: Part 2 of 5 essential Solutions to the Schro. Time Indep. Equat = Scattering States.

lect-19: Infinite square well.

lect-20: Harmonic Oscillator (Griffiths).

lect-21: Linear algebra - cummutation relations.

lect-22: Linear algebra - recast of q.m. formalism.

lect-23: Wavefunctions to Complex Abstract Vector Space Matrices.

lect-24: 3-D Shrodingers-box-degeneracy to supersym

lect-25: 3-D Shrodingers-Start of Hydrogen Atom

lect-26: H-atom-plus angular momentum-done-deal

llect-27: electron spin