intro: The big picture intro

lect 1: electrostatics intro

lect 2: electrostatics 1

lect 3: electrostatics 2

lect 4: Gauss to Dirac Delta

lect 4b: Vector field lines and vector stream lines

lect 5: Electric potential intro

lect 6: Electric potential 1

lect 7: Conductors and capacitors

lect 8: Special techniques for electric potential

lect 9: Images and separation of variables

lect 10: Multipole exapnasion of electric potential

lect 11: Electric fields in matter

lect 12: Electric dipoles

lect 13: magnetostatics

lect 14: Currents

lect 15: Biot-Savard to Amphere

lect 16: Vector potential, multipole expansion

lect 17: Magnetic fields in matter

lect 18: Electrodynamics

lect 19: Faraday to Maxwell's equations

lect 20: Properties of Fields

lect 21: E&M waves

lect 22: Traveling wave fundamentals

lect 23: E&M waves reflection and transmission

lect 24: E&M waves in matter