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Alphabetical title index to the poems: A Dip in the Dow; A Requiem for the Age of Man; Adonis on Everett Square; At an Art MuseumAugust; Automobile Remote Control; Autumn NocturneBeasley; Beyond the Portiθre; Boom Box on a Late Summer Eve; Boston to Washington; Burrows Street; Cell Phone at a Fancy Restaurant; Change; Chuck; Cocktails at Sunset; Conrad; Doris; Epistle from the Abyss; Evening in Middleborough; Fat Guy on a Motorcycle; Flight from the Inferno; Fond Memories; Gypsy Spell; Harold and Claudia; Horsechestnuts; Impressions at Evening; Interludes of Bliss; Jeremy and Sarah; Jupiter's Telescope; Leaf Madness; Life on Nantucket; Lu Chang and Fong Shi; MannequinMerlin's Revenge; Morning in Middleborough; New Year's Eve 1978November Evening; October (An Excerpt); Private Lives in Public Places; Sailing; Saint Sebastian at Harry's Diner; Snow Madness; Spencer the Spitter; Springtime at the Office; Stasis; Streetlights; Summer of My Life; The Abondoned Factory; The Air-conditioned Ark; The Bonnie; The Cape Cod Christmas Train; The Captain of Main Street; The Death of Life; The Elmwood/Auburn; The Last Sunset; The Mansions of Main Street; The Moment of Christmas; The Music Room; The Peirce AcademyThe River Bank; The Sand and Gravel Truck; The Sepia PrintThere Is a Time in Summer; Truck Stop Christmas; Twin Wrecks; Venus on Main Street; Village Nocturne; Walter and Wayne at Harry's Diner; Walter and Wayne at the Unisex Hair Saloon; Walter's Postmeridian; Walter's Sonnet; Wind of Night; Winter Storm

Subject index to the poems: adolescent awakening; Adonis myth, modern adaptation; autumn; beauty and decay; beauty and timelessness; body piercing; boom boxes and pollution; Cape Bonnie; cell phones and rudeness; changes in life; cherished memories; childhood memories; Christmas and eighteen wheelers; Christmas and time; Christmas and trains; cigarette filters; contemporary life; decline in quality of life; decline of civilization; decline of culture; demolition of architectural landmarks; demolition of historic buildings; eighteen wheelers and pollution; elusiveness of truth; eternal truthsevening disturbances in Middleborough , Massachusetts; factories; global warming and extinction; global warming and human extinction; global warming and Noah's ark; global warming and space colonies; global warming satire; government responsibility; gypsieshard knocks of life; harmony and timelessness; hazards; Hesper; history and civilizationimportance of beauty; Jenks, Professor John Whipple Potter; leaf raking; Luther Little; mating rituals; moments of pleasuremotorcycles and noise pollution; Nantucket and corporate executives; Nantucket lifestyles; nighttime in Middleborough, Massachusetts; noise in Middleborough, Massachusetts; popular culture; predetermination; privacy; progress and historic preservationpromiscuity in academia; Providence, R.I. and change; remote control devices; reveries; sailing; seduction; shipwrecks and aging; shipwrecks and technology; snow removal; snow storms; solitude and intrusion; spitting; spring fever; stock market decline; success; summer; sunsets; technology; time; time standing still; truth and deception; truth and power; Venus myth, modern adaptation; youthful relationships

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