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The BSU CityLab Team

BSU CityLab was established more than ten years ago under the dedicated leadership of several faculty and staff members at Bridgewater State University (BSU) and the Boston University School of Medicine's (BUSM) CityLab.  It has benefitted through the years from the guidance of faculty and staff of both institutions, participating classroom teachers and school administrators, short-term and long-term paid staff, advisory committee members and other BSU CityLab friends.  Further information about the history of BSU CityLab and the individuals who have contributed to its success can be found on the Purpose and History pages.

The BSU CityLab Team, Spring 2009

BSU CityLab is the cornerstone program of the Center for the Advancement of Science Exploration (CASE) at Bridgewater State University.  The current Co-Directors of CASE are:

Kim McCoy is BSU CityLab/CASE Program Coordinator, 508-531-2630,


Dr. Patricia Bright is the BSU-Brockton Public Schools Outreach Teacher, c/o 508-531-2635, CityLab@bridgew.edu

Other BSU CityLab Core Faculty

Additional members of the NIH-SEPA Grant Advisory Committee continue to take active and invaluable roles in the outreach efforts of BSU CityLab.

Michael J. Carson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology, BSU, 508-531-2090, mjcarson@bridgew.edu

Frank Gorga, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, BSU, 508-531-2827, fgorga@bridgew.edu

Meredith K. Krevosky, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology, BSU, 508-531-2097,


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