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Mystery of the Crooked Cell

In this module, which is most appropriate for middle school classes, students explore the molecular basis of sickle cell anemia. Acting as medical technologists, they are asked to determine what might be causing a collection of symptoms in an imaginary patient. Students are introduced to the micropipettes, and they use protein gel electrophoresis as a diagnostic tool to differentiate sickle cell hemoglobin from normal hemoglobin. A language arts component is included as a form of assessment when students write a letter to the physician who "hired" them describing their diagnosis and laboratory methods used. Pre-lab and post-lab activities help students explore the nature of this hereditary disease. 

The Mystery of the Crooked Cell module was designed by the faculty and staff of Boston University School of Medicine's CityLab program. The activities have been modified by the BSU CityLab team. To request a copy of the original curriculum guide, contact BUSM CityLab or the BSU CityLab office.



This page was updated on July 17, 2009.


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