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Crucial Concentration

The Crucial Concentration module is most appropriate for middle school classes. The students are "hired" by the Perfect Solution Company and challenged to investigate the protein content of sports drinks in the context of "truth in advertising.” This module introduces students to the use of micropipettes for measuring small volumes of liquid. Students perform colorimetric assays with spectrophotometers to determine the actual amount of protein in drinks from three different manufacturers.  Math skills are involved in analyzing the data, including graphing and determining linear relationships between variables.  Language arts skills are incorporated in the assessment when students write letters back to the Perfect Solution Company describing the procedure they used and the results they obtained.

The Crucial Concentration module, including an introductory lesson on micropipettes, was designed by faculty and staff of BUSM CityLab.  The BSU CityLab team has modified and adapted the original program.  To request a copy of the original curriculum guide, contact BUSM CityLab or the BSU CityLab office.  The BSU CityLab versions will be available as PDF documents.

Pipetting 101

The Crucial Concentration




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