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How to Register to Borrow Lending Labs

BSU CityLab offers professional development workshops and graduate-level courses that enable classroom teachers to borrow equipment, supplies and written materials for teaching the modules at their schools. 

Trained teachers who would like to borrow a module, or some of its sections, may contact BSU CityLab's program coordinator, Ms. Kim McCoy , to schedule mutually agreeable dates. 

Lending Labs are available for the following curriculum modules:

In the very near future, the teacher guides will become accessible as PDF files from this site.  Teachers and students participating from their schools also will be able to connect from this website to the fictional laboratory settings, Bridgewater Animal Forensic Laboratory (BAFL) and Forensics Institute of Bridgewater (FIB), which provide the scenarios for the modules.

With thanks to BSU CityLab funding sources, there is no fee at present for this service.

This page was updated on June 19, 2008.


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