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Policies for School Visits

When planning a visit to BSU CityLab, classroom teachers must be aware that each module requires at least a four-hour time span, excluding travel to and from Bridgewater State University.  The lab can accommodate no more than 24 students.  Teachers are asked to read the following Policies for School Visits before submitting a request for a reservation.

Policies for School Visits

  • The lab can accommodate only 24 students.
  • A certified teacher MUST be present in the lab with the participating class during the entire visit.
  • Most modules require a four-hour time span, excluding travel to and from our facility at Bridgewater State University.  The Lab Larceny module requires about five hours.
  • BSU CityLab is not responsible for arranging transportation or covering transportation costs.  Directions are provided by mail with the registration confirmation.
  • We strongly recommend that classroom teachers use the Pre-Lab and Post-Lab materials provided.  They are designed to assist the teacher and enhance learning for all students.
  • BSU CityLab modules are designed to be led by the classroom teacher with technical assistance and materials provided by BSU CityLab.  
  • To encourage the participation of new teachers, we may be able to provide a BSU CityLab educator to help lead the class for teachers who are not yet CityLab trained.  Under this circumstance, the classroom teacher MUST accompany the students and be enthusiastic with this “on-site training” model.
  • A 30-minute lunch break is provided, but there are no food service facilities.  Students and teachers must bring their own lunches.
  • Students will wear protective goggles and gloves while participating in the modules.
  • Student permission forms and safety contracts will be required and will be mailed to you prior to your visit.


Funding for BSU CityLab is provided by a Science Education Partnership Award (SEP) from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bridgewater State University’s Center for the Advancement of Science Exploration (CASE) and the participation of several partner school districts.  CityLab at Bridgewater State University is affiliated with the Boston University Medical School's CityLab.


This page was updated on May 28, 2008.


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