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Undergraduate Research

I view undergraduate research as both an important teaching activity and a critical part of my overall research strategy.  As such, I work with students on problems that are directly in line with my current research program, benefiting both the student and me. 

My areas of research are gravitational lensing and classical general relativity.  Students working with me can expect to work on projects that further our understanding of how light rays propagate through spacetime, and how, by studying the properties of these light rays, we may understand the universe. 

Past students have completed numerical and analytic projects.  They have presented their work at the ATP Undergraduate Research Celebration, and published their work as senior theses, in the Undergraduate Review, and in professional journals.  Nine of my former undergraduate students have enrolled in graduate school after completing their studies.  Past students have also attended regular group meetings with my collaborator, Professor Ian Dell'Antonio, and his students at Brown University.

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Undergraduate research and professional development for science faculty