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James Hayes-Bohanan, Ph.D.
Last revised: June 9, 2006


There should always be a little bit of room for fun

These pages are where I put all those links that I think are entertaining or interesting, but that do not fit well into other areas of my web site. I'm open to suggestions for new links.
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Movies, literature, and more
Things I find amusing - good aimless surfing
Favorite recipes and a few products
Things I care about

The most aimless diversion I know of online is Snowball Fight. The first time I played this, it was over in seconds. Eventually I mastered it, the best indication of time wasted on a computer!

Since I am a "country boy" at heart, I enjoy this Country Technology cartoon that my own dear mother sent me.

NetScrap(TM): Great quotes by comedians
is a nice diversion.  The geography thing is true, unfortunately.

Winners of the I Look Like My Dog Contest
is just a fun and funny page. I am not quite sure why it is on a parasailing web site.

The Top Ten Lists from the Late Show with David Letterman.

One good thing about the web is that it allows fans of lists to have an unlimited supply. Keep the links below next time you are feeling a bit insomniac!

Actual bumper stickers, some of which I agree with, all of which are clever!

Why did the chicken cross the road? It depends upon whom you ask!

Actual suggestions made by National Forest Service visitors, all of which are funny, and some of which are scary!

The new state mottos list inludes something to offend just about everyone. You will not find these on license plates any time soon! Once you are at this site, be sure to visit some of its excellent geography links.

You might be from Boston - a humorous guide.

You know you are a true New Englander when...

What a choice of cars says about the owner.

Some of Van Gogh's relatives.

Clever writing rules speak for themselves.

What if Microsoft built cars?

NEW: 19 Rules for the Blues. Do not blame me; I don't write the rules.

Some flight attendants try to be humorous. 

For quite a few lists of this kind, visit the snafu site!

Ways to tell you live in the Year 2001. Still valid!!

Vocabulary tidbits from L.M.Boyd, whose wry trivia column appears in many local newspapers. It is from L.M. Boyd that I learned about the owl on the front of the U.S. one-dollar bill. He used to have his own web site, but it went away.

America's greatest news source, The Onion. The Onion is an award-winning satirical publication founded in Wisconsin.

Just to prove I can point to a humor site that is not a list, here is Dave Barry, one of my favorite writers and perennial presidential candidate.

Truckin': Did you know that Jerry Garcia once met Sen. Strom Thurmond?

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