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When I put up my first web page way back in 1996, I put a list of links at the bottom that I thought might be helpful to my students. The list grew until I had to put it on a separate page. Then it kept growing, and I decided to break it into several pages. The environment and fun pages have since divided further into many different pages. I maintain these links in order to help students identify high-quality sources of information about subjects of professional or personal interest to me.

This ever-expanding part of my site is not an attempt to become a miniature Yahoo, cataloging all kinds of sites. These are all sites that I have found useful or entertaining, or both!

Each of the pages in this links section of my web site contains links that I think will be useful to students in my courses and other people with overlapping interests, particularly in geography, the environment, Latin America, and the Internet phenomenon itself. All links are fully annotated: I provide a description that should explain why I think the site is worthwhile.

I try to check these links often. If a site has moved or gone away, please let me know by sending a note to

ENVIRONMENT The largest part of this site - includes specific environmental problems, government and non-government organizations, academic sites, and much more.
GEOGRAPHY Sites related to my chosen academic field - includes many educational and entertaining sites, including many excellent sources of online maps!
LATIN AMERICA My regional specialty within geography is Latin America, especially Brazil and Mexico. This page has links to many wonderful sites about the region.
FUN Dozens of annotated links to sites about the arts, politics, food, and humor, nifty sites by some of my friends, and some of the causes and organizations I like to support.
THE WEB Because of my long-standing interest in the Web, I have accumulated a number of interesting links about the web itself. If you don't fully understand what the web is all about, this is a good place to find some basic information. If you do know a lot about the web, you will find many interesting and entertaining sites here.
EARTH SCIENCES This page includes sites specific to the earth sciences other than geography.
This page includes sites related to satellite image processing.
WHAT TO DO? Ideas for making a difference in the environment.

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