Geography of Coffee
& Tea & Chocolate
James Hayes-Bohanan, Ph.D.
Professor of Geography and Coffee Maven, Bridgewater State University
Affiliated Scholar, Vanderbilt University Institute for Coffee Studies
Barista Guild Member, Specialty Coffee Association of America
Revised November 15, 2015
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Environmental Geography
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Non-Credit Coffeelands tour in Nicaragua, March 5-12, 2016
Just-Trade Fair & Coffee Tasting at BSU, March 31, 2016 (10am-4pm)
Coffee Week (Not Week Coffee), Intensive Summer Course, July 11-15, 2016
For latest thoughts on coffee, please browse Coffee@EnvironmentalGeography
See my videos: Humans of BSU (2 mins) and TEDxBSU (8 mins)

Thanks to Jade & Alejandro for suggesting this as my theme song.
Thanks to Jay at Loving Music for illuminating the song.

Coffee Geography

An introduction to the way I approach coffee
Coffee Human

Two minutes about my teaching for the HumansofBSU series
Coffee TED Talk

Eight minutes about coffee and universities for TEDxBSU
Coffee Blog

News and musings about coffee and geography
Coffee Library
Resources for coffee research from my favorite librarian
Coffee Nicaragua
Travels with students in the land of exquisite coffees
Coffee Brazil
Large-scale production in the world's largest coffee producer
Coffee Guatemala
Family exploration of coffee in Antigua and Atitlan
Coffee Book

Encyclopedia of the coffee industry, from the United Nations
Coffee Care
How to make the perfect cup
Coffee Shoppes
Where to enjoy good coffee -- includes maps and reviews
Coffee Companies
Roasters that treat the farmers, the coffee, and the earth well
Coffee History

How my beloved wife and I made the world safer for bad coffee
Coffee Hell
No Dunkin
                        DonutsA popular coffee company that is bad for the country
Coffee Times

Latest coffee news from the New York Times
Coffee & Tea Flicks
Documentary and feature films related to the geography of coffee and tea
Coffee Event

Major tasting event each spring at BSC
(And sometimes summers, too!)
Coffee Campus
Campaign for fair-trade coffee at BSC
Coffee Town

Campaign for a fair-trade Town of Bridgewater
Coffee Proposal
A world-class café for Bridgewater State University
(Rejected -- so far -- by BSU administration)
Coffee Outreach
Courses, appearances, and media coverage
Coffee Photos
Hundreds of photographs from my tours, tasting events, and my own kitchen
Coffee music, demonstrations, and humor
Coffee Quiz

Testing and building coffee knowledge with online games
Coffee Face
Community for my all of my coffee students
Coffee Spirit
How coffee relates to my spiritual life -- WWJB?
Coffee Kids
Helping the children of coffee farmers

Development for landmine victims in coffee-growing regions
Coffee Love

Parents Mildly CautionedSensuality, coffee, and tea
Coffee Migration

Coffee and the movement of people and birds
Geography of Food
We cannot live on coffee alone!
Geography of Tea

It was inevitable -- I have a new section on tea, for my book
Geography of Chocolate

And an even newer section on chocolate, for our course in Belize!

Cafezinho - Brazil
Thank the farmers!

Coffee Photos
Coffee on Flickr
This is a Flickr badge showing items in a set called Nicaragua 2010. Make your own badge here.

Coffee Channel on
Coffee on YouTube
Coffee Achievers --
Coffee on Facebook

                            Would Jesus Brew?
Coffee Romance
Coffeeland Landmines


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