Cuba Study Tour Photos - PAGE NINE

James Hayes-Bohanan, Ph.D.
Earth Sciences and Geography
Latin American
and Caribbean Studies
Bridgewater (Massachusetts) State College, USA/EEUU

The photos on these pages are selected from photos taken during a joint Bridgewater State College / Cape Cod Community College study tour of Cuba in January 2003. Unless otherwise noted, all photos were taken by me (or by nearby friends with my camera - if you see me in the photo). All commentary is my exclusive responsibility. All camera time-stamp dates seem to be two days early.


Coconut Nut
Near the end of our tour, we visited an organic farm on the outskirts of Havana. One of the first benefits was the ability to taste tropical fruits that I had not had since my last trip to the Amazon! Here I am with one of my favorites - coconut water directly from the coconut.
Farm - Computer
The farm is a research center, fairly well supplied with computers and other equipment.
We enjoyed an organic feast!

It was a little startling to see these indicators of the support of the European Union and the German World Hunger Aid agency. This was a reminder of how much the U.S. embargo has become an oddity in the world community.
The farm
Raised-bed and other techniques were on display in
this world-class facility for research on organic farming.
Farm talk

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