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James Hayes-Bohanan, Ph.D.
Earth Sciences and Geography
Latin American
and Caribbean Studies
Bridgewater (Massachusetts) State College, USA/EEUU

The photos on these pages are selected from photos taken during a joint Bridgewater State College / Cape Cod Community College study tour of Cuba in January 2003. Unless otherwise noted, all photos were taken by me (or by nearby friends with my camera - if you see me in the photo). All commentary is my exclusive responsibility. All camera time-stamp dates seem to be two days early.


Taxi Technically, we should not have been allowed to ride in this taxi. In Cuba, some forms of transportation are designated for Cubans, while others are authorized for tourists. This is both to ensure the quality of services for tourists and to ensure that any revenues generated by tourists flow through official channels.

For this reason, the local taxis did not pass by our hotel in Cienfuegos. They were so interesting however, that we walked a couple of blocks away to find one. These horse-drawn wagons were a fun way to see the town. Because of the scarcity of batteries, the "tail light" on most of these wagons consists of a small sterno-style can. It appears as a small speck of light below the corner of this wagon, but once the wagon is moving, the flame is fanned into quite a little inferno. For this reason, I dubbed these taxis "rolling chafing dishes."
As you can see, I was always working on this trip. Of course, sometimes the work took place in rather pleasant surroundings. Here I am poolside at our seaside hotel in Cienfuegos, getting ready for a meeting with students.
Here students are shown working through some thoughts about their experience. Cuba is so full of enigmas and contradictions that our group discussions were lively, complicated, and at times contentious. In other words, we learned a lot!
Wherever we went, the number 407 bus was our home on wheels, and the number itself was our beacon.
Our driver
Our driver Julio (left) in a rare social moment with a couple of our students. He reluctantly accepted a soft drink. Even though he was not to drive until morning, he took his responsibility very seriously, and would not consider a drink.

Julio showed us his license - he was qualified to drive any vehicle on the road, and most boats! I watched his driving the first day and concluded he was a consumate Latin American bus driver. Some others on the trip with less experience on Latin American highways were never quite convinced, I think!
Several of our group enjoyed a quiet dinner in a small restaurant in the center of Cienfuegos.
In Cuba, it is possible to get beer at a walk-up bar. No open-container laws!
Dawn in Cienfuegos was a beautiful time to view this public art.
This park is located at the end of a point of land near our hotel in Cienfuegos -- simply beautiful!
Construction of a new seawall in the park is just one of many small indicators of the many efforts the Cuban government is making to improve tourist facilities.
During our walk near the hotel, my roommate Dr. Schippers and I were followed by this friendly little dog. Somehow, the dog seemed to know that the park (shown above) was off limits, and so she waited by the gate until we came out!
A student enjoying a quiet moment in the cheery hotel lobby on our last morning in Cienfuegos.

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