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James Hayes-Bohanan, Ph.D.
Earth Sciences and Geography
Latin American
and Caribbean Studies
Bridgewater (Massachusetts) State College, USA/EEUU

The photos on these pages are selected from photos taken during a joint Bridgewater State College / Cape Cod Community College study tour of Cuba in January 2003. Unless otherwise noted, all photos were taken by me (or by nearby friends with my camera - if you see me in the photo). All commentary is my exclusive responsibility. All camera time-stamp dates seem to be two days early.


This bus picked us up at the Jose Marti Airport in Havana, and was to be our home away from home for the next nine days. At times it felt awkward to be in such a luxurious bus in a country so challenged economically. I do not even ride in Mercedes at home!
Parking lot
You may have heard that Cuba is full of old cars, and it is true. I knoew about the unusually large numbers of 1950s cars from the U.S., but I was not prepared for the equally fascinating mix of cars from Eastern Europe and elsewhere. Outside of our window at the Hotel Vedado, a man engages in his daily ritual of cleaning and preparing the car. This is part of how the cars stay in such good shape.
Near our hotel in Vedado neighborhood, typical Havana architecture, in better-than-typical condition.
Fort and market
A market catering to tourists at the old fort that protected Havana's harbor.
A view of Havana, the protective cannons, and the 12 Apostles Restaurant at the old fort. On the first day of our visit, I was surprised by the name of the restaurant, given the assumption that the Communist government would have surpressed all expressions of Christianity. I found this not to be the case, though I did learn that some opening of religious freedom has been relatively recent.
John and I
I was pleased that we were able to visit the famous John Lennon statue at a park in Havana. At John's feet are the words (in Spanish): "Some people say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."
Lennon Group
Here the entire group (except for Dr. Faiman-Silva, who took this photo) surrounds John to absorb his wisdom.
Classic car
Not all of the classic cars are from the U.S. This is the first Austin Cambridge I ever saw. It was a beautiful car.
Malecon cars
Along this section of the Malecon near Centro Havana all of the best classic cars are found, along with the tour buses and the Coco taxis.
Music is everywhere in Cuba, at least everywhere we visited. Here tour member and musician Pete jams with one of the many talented performers we met along the way.
That bus
Our bus tended to fill the streets wherever we went. It is shown here in Old Havana, having dropped us off at a community center.
Community Center
Our group is getting seated here in a community center, which is recognized internationally for its innovative educational work with young children and youth.
Cici & Director

Above, one of our students talks with the center's director.

Left, a student at the center has recreated one of Picasso's portraits of his daughter Paloma, for whom my own daughter is named. My own Paloma's photo was a big hit with the students we were visiting.
Left, some of our students bonding with the young people at the center, all of whom had just done some very talented dancing for us.

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