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James Hayes-Bohanan, Ph.D.
Earth Sciences and Geography
Latin American
and Caribbean Studies
Bridgewater (Massachusetts) State College, USA/EEUU

The photos on these pages are selected from photos taken during a joint Bridgewater State College / Cape Cod Community College study tour of Cuba in January 2003. Unless otherwise noted, all photos were taken by me (or by nearby friends with my camera - if you see me in the photo). All commentary is my exclusive responsibility. All camera time-stamp dates seem to be two days early.


(All underwater photos: Michelle O'Loughlin)
First order of business in Trinidad: Snorkeling!
This was the first time I ever saw coral. It was beautiful, but also somewhat damaged. It will be difficult for Cuba to promote tourism and protect these delicate reefs. Bleaching is the most common symptom of reef damage, and it seems evident here. Diesel fumes from the snorkeling boats cannot be helping, though it is probably not sufficient to be considered the sole cause.

The beautiful old cathedral in Trinidad is a picteresque ruin.
Our tour guide explains the distribution of basic food rations at a bread store.
Trinidad is the definition of a pastel, seaside Caribbean town.
Tourist trinkets in Trinidad.

The young people to the right were just too sweet to ignore!
In Trinidad I stayed up very late but got up very early. My reward was this beautiful view of the beach adjacent to our small hotel resort.
A couple wrapped in a pink blanket added just a spark of color to the early-morning scene.
The landscaping at the hotel was phenomenal. As a former landscaper, I was very impressed.
I was pleased to have an opportunity to meet this gardener, maintaining an amazing jack-in-the-pulpit shrub.

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