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James Hayes-Bohanan, Ph.D.
Earth Sciences and Geography
Latin American
and Caribbean Studies
Bridgewater (Massachusetts) State College, USA/EEUU

The photos on these pages are selected from photos taken during a joint Bridgewater State College / Cape Cod Community College study tour of Cuba in January 2003. Unless otherwise noted, all photos were taken by me (or by nearby friends with my camera - if you see me in the photo). All commentary is my exclusive responsibility. All camera time-stamp dates seem to be two days early.


The four photos here are of a grand old house in Cienfuegos, including views of and from its great tower. A student in our group played the old piano in the stripped-down ballroom. It was both beautiful and haunting. A friend of mine grew up in this neighborhood, but the street names had changed, and I was not able to find his boyhood home.
A classic colonnade on the main square of old Cienfuegos serves as a beautiful backdrop for this classic car and a horse-drawn wagon.
The main square has benches for hundreds of people to sit, because sitting in the park is a great thing to do. I enjoyed talking to these young students, as I was missing my own daughter.
Our bus driver was amused whenever we asked him to stop for a look at wheat (as here), rice, or other things commonplace in Cuba. Here the central highland area is shown in the distance.
This is not the Bay of Pigs, but it is a beautiful cove in the general area, on the highway from Cienfuegos to Trinidad.
Vase Vases
This potter in Trinidad is responsible for the beautiful works here. For an example, visit my house! I could not resist the beautiful colors of his work.
Unfortunately, the popularity of this tourist shop has created a pocket of inequality, and a focal point for very aggressive begging. Just outside this tranquil shop we encountered the most insistent panhandling of our trip, as people pressed against our bus. Any who were refused lectured us about how wealthy our country is, compared to Cuba. It gave us something very real to think about.
Vase - tree

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