Adrian Tinsley Program (ATP) Coordinator

I have been serving as the ATP coordinator starting September 2017 for a three-year term.  My duties involve organizing information sessions about the program for faculty amd students, assigning reviews for ATP proposals, normalizing and tabulating the review scores to facilitate easy discussion for the board to select the awardees, and organizing the summer program including professional development workshops, progress report meetings and the summer symposium. I have also redesigned the intranet page for ATP to be more attractive and provide information in a more organized way.

Undergraduate Research Advisory Board

I have been a member of the undergraduate research advisory board since March 2016. As  a member of the board my duties involve making decisions related to undergraduate research, reviewing the Adrian Tinsley Program summer grant proposals, reviewing Course Imbedded grants and participating in the events organized by the Undergraduate Research Director such as the Student Arts and Research Symposium (StARS) held in April and the Mid-Year Symposium held in November.

Physics Research Presentation Awards

To encourage research and presentation skills among undergraduates, I proposed the idea of these research presentation awards. This was accepted by the department and was implemented at the Student Arts and Research Symposium (StARS) held in April 2016. We have been awarding two awards, one for Experimental Physics Research and one for Theoretical Physics Research, every year since 2016.

Society of Physics Students (SPS) Bridgewater Chapter

I serve as a co-advisor for the society along with Dr. Edward Deveney and re-established the BSU Chapter of Society of Physics Students (SPS). As an advisor, I have successfully created a new culture of research talks from guest speakers. The SPS chapter of Bridgewater State University was recognized as a “Notable SPS Chapter” by the National Society of Physics Students in 2016 and as a “Distinguished Chapter” in 2017 and 2018.

Bridgewater Physics Newsletter

Disseminating the great things done here at the physics department in multiple ways to reach out to our audience is essential to the growth of the Department and University. I started the physics annual newsletter in 2017 with approval from the department. I have been its editor since May 2017.  The newsletter focuses on showcasing the success of our physics majors with small blurbs from faculty describing their research. I sincerely hope that sending these newsletters to prospective high schools in the region can attract talented students towards our program.

Intranet Website for Physics Department

One of the major contributions I have made to the department is setting up the intranet website for the Physics Department from scratch. I obtained the proper training from the information technology center and started this project during the December 2014 break and continue to maintain it to-date.

Residential Learning Community

Residential Learning Communities (RLC) are created to make connections between the students residing on campus residence halls, and to enhance their learning based on their academic goals and extracurricular activities. I served as an instructor of the Residential Learning Community (RLC) class offered to the Science and Math RLC from 2015 to 2018. This class, Living in the Natural World (NSCI 150), targets the freshmen to provide them with a better idea of what’s expected from them, what is offered to them and how they can be successful at BSU and in their career.

Associate Dean Search Committee

I was actively involved as a member of the search committee in selecting the best candidate for the new position created for the Associate Dean of the Bartlett College of Science and Mathematics in 2016/17.

Promoting the culture of Safety

I was involved in the initial stage of bringing the culture of safety precautions and contributed by giving feedback with safety training programs that were presented to the unofficial safety committee formed during the academic year 2016/17. I took part in the safety inspection arranged by the safety officer in coordination with Triumvirate Environmental. As a result of the work done by this committee under the leadership of Dr. Ed Deveney, the University has now made it official and created a new position to supervise and train employees and students regarding safety.








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