Python and Ruby Resources

Class notes at the bottom of the page

Here are a few resources for working with python and ruby. If you find something really neat that should be included, please send me email and I'll update this page.


The python home page

The official python documentation page

The official python page of python job opportunities

A complete python book online

A list of IDEs for python (Some are free some are not)

Each year there is an industry conference for just python: pycon. It had 593 attendees in 2007

Python for system administrators.

Python has several widely used add on libraries, here are links to a few.

Some freely available Art


The ruby home page

Ruby has one hugely important addon library:Ruby on Rails The ruby on rails homepage

Summary of important changes from your first BSC language to ruby

Some ruby IDEs: mondrian ___ Active State's Komodo ___ Saffire Steel

Ruby Forge: a large list of ruby projects

O'Reilly publishing sponsors a yearly rails conference in the US ____There is also a conference on just ruby

Class Lecture Slides

Intro Lecture
Language Comparison
First Python Notes
Second python notes
First Ruby notes
Second Ruby notes
python sequences and maps
python files
python exceptions
The tkinter presentation Including the presentation and all demo files all zipped up as a single zip file.
The first pygame presentation with the two code files
The second pygame presentation zipped up with code and powerpoint
The Ruby File and Database access presentation
The first ruby on Rails presentation  (warning large file size)
The second Ruby on Rails presentation
The third Ruby on Rails presentation
Ruby Networking
Python networking
The ruby Foreign Code presentation
Python Foreign Code
The Ruby/Rails CSV file on a webpage demo
code from Monday's demo
ruby multithreading
the curses presentation  and code files
ruby tk presentation
The wrapup talk notes.