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 Article about me from Bridgewater Reveiw Vol. 19 #2 Dec. 2000 pg. 19-24, "8 Miles and a couple of Anti-Particles to BSC"

  My role in getting tablet PCs into the curriculum discussion here at BSC (March 2006): TTC Information Technology Article by Eric LePage (BSC IT)

  MTA article, Vol. 35, NO. 1/Aug.-Sept. 2004, "Physics at state Colleges: both possible and crucial"

  Making the cover of the Bridgewater magazine, Vol. 14, No. 3, Summer 2004

  Powerpoint talk I presented for my 'Last Lecture' Award (May 2002)

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Ph.D., The University of Connecticut, 1993

"Ionization Phenomena in Ion-Atom Collisions"

Assistant Professor of Physics, Bridgewater State College 1999


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I like to say that I smash atoms, and I do, but it is not entirely for the fun of it. I investigate atomic and molecular structure and electronic interactions (excitation, ionization, capture...) using collisions, smashing atoms. This means I explore the ways in which bound and free electrons configure or develop about atoms and molecules (including the continuum) in response to interactions initiated by a collision or some external field. The knowledge of collisions and how electrons behave themselves during collisions is integral in understanding parts of the universe made from atoms, ions and molecules-from chemical reactions here on earth to the spectroscopy of planetary atmospheres and astrophysical plasmas. On campus I have a high resolution electron and ion spectrometer to measure elastic and inelastic scattered electrons, Auger electrons, and recoil ions - all of which yield detailed information on the collision interactions and the electronic structure and dynamics. Toward the end of the spring semester 1998 my student, Rudy Magyar, and I successfully constructed the entire apparatus and then smashed electrons into gaseous single-atomic targets. Here are some of our preliminary results and a look at the spectrometer. In the future I hope to look at collisions using solid targets and laser excited atomic targets. I am interested in many other problems in physics including one that I took part in while I was a post-doc as Oak Ridge National Laboratory where, at CERN ,we produced electron-positron pairs by the transient Coulomb fields created by lead ions (traveling at 0.99996 times the speed of light) interacting with fixed targets. This semester I will be working with two former students on several Chaos demonstrations and the analytical description of the results. In general, I get a genuine kick out of teaching and rethinking physics every day. I also like to play basketball and tennis with students and with whomever else I can find. I have a NTRP rating of 4.5 - 5.0 in tennis.

On Campus Research!

(e-mail me if you are interested in working with me on any of these programs)

 Construction of a 780 nm Tunable Diode Laser I got the dough so I am ready to go! Starting in the Fall of 2000. Please check out this link for more details and e-mail me to let me know if you are interested in working with me on this project that will lead to Doppler and Doppler-free Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy for starters and atom cooling and trapping to be developed.

Develop collaborative program with chemistry to study PbO and overtone spectroscopy of molecules using diode lasers

MAPLE symbolic algebra code for research and curriculum development

An RLC Circuit in a Horse with group from Tufts Vet School

Nonlinear Dynamics Experiments... yes Chaos

Environmental Physics Studies

Collisions with Polarized (laser prepared) Atomic and Molecular targets

Electronic Projects and Gizmos

Solitons, whatever they are?


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Contact Information

E.F. Deveney

Physics Department

Bridgewater State College

Bridgewater, MA 02325


Office: Room 111 Science Building (Marshall Connant Science)

Telephone: (508) 531-2080

Dept. Telephone: (508) 531-1386

Fax: (508) 531-4080

e-mail: edeveney@bridgew.edu

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