E.F. Deveney

BSC Physics

Support received from: BSC CART 2000 Summer Fellowship

Thanks to my PH438 Electrodynamics class for reviewing, working through, and making helpful suggestions to this manual.




This primer is intended to be used as a tutorial for BSC scientist already comfortable with mathematics, at or beyond the level of calculus I and II. One, perhaps two, class hours can be spent working through these topics on a PC running Maple V5.1 or greater to gain familiarity and confidence with the software. Hopefully, after working through this primer the user should be sufficiently prepared to use many of the powerful mathematical tools that Maple has to offer and that perhaps some ideas for the user's academic and research work will springboard from these exercises and examples.


  1. What is Maple and why do you need it
  2. The basics, try these for fun and Maple as calculator
  3. Loading additional packages
  4. Writing programs (procedures)
  5. Defining functions
  6. Plotting and graphing
  7. Differential and integral fun (exact and numerical solutions)
  8. Solutions to ordinary differential equations ODEs
  9. Linear algebra and matrices
  10. Vector Calculus
  11. Conclusion and Other Maple resources


My Primer will soon be available on the web. Check out these example from class now....


Numerical Solutions to Schrodingers equation: Lias DiFalco my Shea Fellow

Div., Grad. and Curl HW P1_1 and P1_6 with Maple

Griffiths P1_12 with Maple