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History: Teaching, Post Doctorate, and Education



1999-present: Assistant Professor of Physics, Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MA.

1997-1999: Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics, Amherst College, Amherst, MA.

1996-1997: Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics, Wheaton College, Norton, MA.

1996: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Clark University COPACE, Worcester, MA.

1995-1999: Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Graduate School, The Univ. of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.


Post Doctorate

1993-1995: Post Doctorate Associate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge TN.

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) ORNL Postdoctoral Program.



1987-1993: Ph.D. in Physics, "Ionization Phenomena in Ion-Atom Collisions", The University of Connecticut, Storrs CT.

1985-1987: Aerospace Design Engineer, Hamilton Standard (Div. of United Tech. Corp.), Windsor Locks, CT.

1981-1985: Bachelor of Science in Engineering, The University of Connecticut, Storrs CT.



Courses Taught

         Classical Dynamics for physics majors, Maple and MathCad software

         Advanced Mechanics for physics majors, Maple software

         Mathematical Methods for physicists, Maple software

         Analog Digital Electronics, (developed entire course) theory and experiment, MultiSim software

         Enhanced Physics (Modern Physics) for 1st and 2nd year physics majors

         Calculus-based Introductory Physics and Introductory Physics Laboratory, EXCEL software

         Noncalculus-based Introductory Physics,"Tools for Scientific Thinking" software and hardware

         Chemistry I and II, Lecture and Laboratory

         Discrete Mathematics (for computer science and physics majors)

         Calculus I

Curriculum Initiatives

         Physics majors: Incorporated symbolic based software programs, Maple and Mathcad, into the entire physics curriculum.

         Introductory Physics: Full incorporation of spreadsheet (EXCEL), web-based homework.

         Electronics, Analog and Digital: Redesign lectures and laboratories, Incorporated Electronics WorkBench electronics simulation software.


Undergraduate Research Programs

         Developed Atomic Physics Laboratory for electron-atom collisions, Amherst College (1997-1999). Supervised senior thesis student, R. Magyar, "Electron-He Collisions".

         Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine Collaboration, Lung Function Laboratory Data Acquisition, Amherst College (1997-1999).

         Developed Biology/Physics Program leading to "RLC Circuit in a Horse" article, Amherst College and Bridgewater State College (1998-2000).

         Developed Atomic Physics Laboratory for electron-atom collisions, Wheaton College (1996-1997).

         Rutherford Back-Scattering Program on UConn 2 MV Van de Graaff, Wheaton College (1996-1997).

DOE Post-Doctorate Associate, Oct. 1993 to Aug. 1995

with Sheldon Datz, Head of Atomic Physics and Senior Corporate Fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

         New realm of atomic physics experiments with ultra-relativistic heavy ions at CERN.

         Department of State joint research program, ORNL and the A.F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia - managed the development and delivery of a Russian-built electron spectrometer to ORNL.

         Invited Progress Report, 1995 ICPEAC, 'Experimental and theoretical investigation of complex multi-electron collision systems'.

Research Associate, 1988 to1993

with thesis advisor Q. C. Kessel, The Univ. of Connecticut.

         Experiment and theory, ion-atom collisions, The University of Connecticut and ORNL.

         Industry consultant and research: RBS, PIXE, channeling and surface physics for industry and undergraduate research.

Funding for Research

Pertinent Extras

Van de Graaff Accelerator Operator

ORNL 6 MV EN Tandem Van de Graaff with negative ion source.

Univ. of Connecticut 2 MV single-ended Van de Graaff with positive ion source.

Computers Used for Teaching and Research

PCs, VAX, UNIX, Mainframes, and MAC computer systems.

Code: FORTRAN, BASIC (fluent) C, Visual Basic, and Lab View.

Symbolic algebraic software: Mathematica, Maple, Scientific Notebook and MathCad.

Web based: HTML and FTP.

Professional Associations

Referee: Physical Review A (PRA) and Physical Review Letters (PRL) (1995 - 1998)

APS, American Physical Society and APS/NES, New England Section.

AAPT, American Association of Physics Teachers.

Sigma Xi, scientific Honor Society.

Sigma-Pi-Sigma, Honor Society for physics students.

Engineering: Pi-Tau-Sigma, Honor Society for MEs.


David DeMille, Yale University (david.demille@yale.edu)

Daryl W. Preston, California State University at Hayward (dpreston@csuhayward.edu)

Quentin. Kessel, The University of Connecticut (kessel@main.phys.uconn.edu)

Demetry Budker, The University of California at Berkley (budker@socrates.berkeley.edu)

Sheldon Datz, Head of Atomic Physics and Senior Corporate Fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) (datz@mail.phy.ornl.gov)