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Try these links for examples of geographic illiteracy and discussion of the topic (Are Americans getting dumber?)

Americans knowledge of religions

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  GEOGRAPHY : What is geography? What about a career in geography?                Why is Geography as the perfect major for you?

A definition: Geography is the science of place and space. Geographers always ask where things are located on the surface of the earth, why they are located where they are, how places differ from one another, and how people interact with the environment.               

So how do you know if you want to be a geographer? If you are curious to find out if  you have an interest in geography, check out the AAG (Association of American Geographers) web site. Go to "Careers in Geography" to find out more about "Geographers at work"... 

Courses being taught Fall 2013

GEOG.121 Physical Geography

GEOG.151 001 - Human Geography

GEOG.151.002- Human Geography

GEOG.151 W02- Human Geography

GEOG.151 W03- Human Geography

GEOG.355: Political Geography





ISSS World Cafe: How do you spell RENEW?

Enjoy appetizers and beverages at this Thursday, April 3rd 10AM to noon.

122 Park Avenue, The Catholic Center.

World Cafe is sponsored by the Edward Minnock Center for International Engagement.

Muslim Students Association President Sharif Abdelal, Jewish Students Association President Jacey Peers, and Newman Club's Richie Morris take you on Abrahamic journeys and seasons of renewal.


Dr. Joel Sokolsky Royal Military College of Canada

Distinguished Speaker Series:

Dr. Sokolsky (Royal Military College of Canada) will discuss civil-military relations that crosses over into American foreign policy and international relations. The title of his presentation is The Fraternity of the Uniform: American Military Multilateralism and the Profession of Arms. Date: Tuesday, April 8 from 3:25-4:40 (Conant Science Lecture Hall, Room 120). Sponsored by the Center for Legislative Studies.


International Night

Thursday April 10th 5pm

International Night, presented by International Culture Club, will be held on Thursday April 10 beginning at 5pm in Burnell 132B. Stop by to learn new information about different cultures - we'll be celebrating through food, dance, song, fashion and more! This is one not to miss.



Japanese Musical Program

Please join us for a fabulous Japanese music concert! It will be held at 6 pm on April 8 at Horace Mann Auditorium. The concert is free and open to the general public. The AUN J Japanese Classic Orchestra is a unique orchestra formed in 2008 by eight Japanese musicians on a mission to show audiences worldwide that “Japanese traditional music instruments are plan, simple, and COOL!” This mission and their belief that “music has not border, but roots” drives AUN J to perform across the globe, emblazoning the beauty of Japanese culture in music.


Here I will post notification of Campus Events that relate to Geography and to our classes.

They could be about events in different parts of the world,

about social, cultural, political or economic issues that are critical to our time.

Past programs have been about Cambodia, globalization, peace and war, agricultural development,

water privatization, etc. Ours is an active campus with discussion of a wide range of issues.

Attend/participate in our campus life.





2012 Election results - Massachusetts


2008 Elections - results with maps                November 2010 Massachusetts election result maps

Test your knowledge of places, countries by continent     


Here is an amazing image of the Earth at Night

Check out this satellite photo of a part of the earth.

Flags of the world website


Photos of South African apartheid by Ernest Cole


  National Geographic Survey on Geographic Illiteracy 

(to advance slides, right click on the slide, then "next")



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A Tribute to Dr. Glenn R.Miller



The Massachusetts Geographic Alliance

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