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Geographers are interested in the how things are arranged spatially, how they
came to be arranged that way, and how that information can be used to solve
current problems and anticipate future patterns.

“There are no unemployed geographers.”

Dr. Harm de Blij

If you have never thought about majoring in geography, you have good company. Many geography professors started their academic careers in some other discipline! Geography is both a social science and a natural science, with a bit of the arts thrown in! The focus of geography is on spatial relationships - whether the topic is languages, landforms, or lichens.

Geography is a fascinating intellectual pursuit, a key to good citizenship, and a solid basis for a variety of interesting careers. Training in geography provides a mix of technical and analytical skills that are very much in demand in the modern economy. The ability to integrate information and to analyze problems in a broad context makes geographers valuable team members in many work settings. Learn more at the AAG Careers web page.

The Geography Department at Bridgewater State College offers two undergradate degrees: the B.A. and the B.S. in Geography.
Bachelor of Science This degree is designed for students who will pursue graduate education in geography or related fields, or who wish to pursue a variety of professional options.
Those career choices are as varied as environmental regulatory work, land transactions, meteorology, marine and ski forecasting, m
apping, resource exploration, facility location, manufacturing, publishing, international business, state and local planning agencies, and transportation. Many of these fields reward expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which is a focus of our B.S. program!
Bachelor of Arts
This program is an ideal second major for students majoring in education at the K-12 level. It is specifically designed to prepare future teachers for the geography classroom.
Minor Some students discover geography to late to switch majors, or they would prefer to combine their geographic education with another major. For these students, we offer an 18-credit minor.  The college does not require formal advising for minors, but we strongly encourage you to work with Dr. Sandra Clark as early in your program as possible if you are interested in the geography minor.

Geographers should consider learning a foreign language.

We invite YOU to meet with any of our incredibly interesting geography faculty members. Among them, they have studied every part of the world and every specialty within geography. Contact Dr. Sandra Clark, Dr. Bob Amey, Dr. Darcy Boellstorff, Dr. Vernon Domingo, Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan, Dr. Robert Hellström, or Dr. Madhu Rao to discuss how the geography major could fit into your future!

To locate these professors or to obtain written details, visit Ms. Brenda Flint in the Department of Geography, Room 308 of the Conant Science Building, call (508) 531-1390, or visit the department web site at

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