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Looking for me? Where to find me and when, including phone numbers, addresses, office hours, and teaching schedule.
Prison $$ > State
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October, 2004: At one of many protests over the years, I held this sign about prison and state college spending.

Resources for college success - writing, studying, standards, and more. This page is required for my students, this has become the most popular part of my web site, attracting thousands of visitors each year. I am gratified that educators all over the U.S. -- and a few other countries -- recommend this page for their students. The September 11 scholarship committee points its recipients (mainly surviving children of 9/11 victims) to this site.

Use the Not-the-13th-Grade pages to find out what professors really expect, how college differs from high school, how to write better, and how to succeed when, compared to high school, the stakes are higher, the costs are much higher, the workload is much more intense, the thinking must be clearer, and new-found freedom -- along with financial pressure -- can make concentration difficult.

State Colleges Woes

Massachusetts spends more on prisons than on higher education. The Commonwealth ranks 48th in per-capita spending on public colleges. This attack on the middle class is bipartisan, short-sighted, and elitist. Although some politicians are finally recognizing the good work being done in state colleges, the enemies of public education still have too much influence. Faculty morale is directly relevant to students. Many excellent faculty members have left already..

Detailed information about most of my courses -- syllabi, assignments, notes, and so on -- are on Blackboard. If you are in my current classes, go to Blackboard for all of your class needs. If Blackboard is down, please call the Help Desk at 508-531-2555 right away, and then e-mail me at jhayesboh@bridgew.edu. I cannot fix Blackboard problems, but it is good for students to let me know they have occurred.

Moodle is a lot like Blackboard, except that it is better and it is free. Because it is used by many of my international partners, I plan to move all of my courses to Moodle eventually. At the moment, only my GEOG 130 course is there.

Information, politics, and humor regarding matters of sexual identity and sexual/affectional orientation.

We are letting tobacco companies foul our air, entice our kids, kill thousands of people a year, all while getting rich. This page is for those who want to fight back, or at least try to kick the habit. Stop now and start feeling better in TWENTY MINUTES!

The Geography Department links to jobs, internships, and career guidance for geography and related fields.

Geography Major "There is no such thing as an unemployed geographer," according to Dr. Harm de Blij. Graduates from our department serve their communities and their employees in countless ways. Learn what a geography major -- or minor -- can mean for you.

Courses with Special Pages

Information about GEOG 130-Y01, a web-hybrid course that I offer every semester. Eighty percent of the course takes place online. This is a challenging but rewarding course, both for students and for me as the instructor. I offer both web and non-web versions almost every semester. Students currently in any of my GEOG 130 sections should go directly to the Moodle server.

GEOG 199: Brockton Resources for my First Year Seminar, the Geography of Brockton.

GEOG 199:Climate Change
Resources for my First Year Seminar, An Inconvenient Geography, which explores the implications of global climate change.

GEOG 298: Coffee I teach a speaking-intensive Second Year Seminar about the geography of coffee, from its origins in specialized tropical locations, various trade models, and the lives of farmers, to the proper preparation of coffee and the cultural and economic roles of the local coffee shop.

Management and Preservation of the Natural Environment (formerly GE 307) is a course I like to offer in the autumn, when I can include two excellent field trips in New England forests with expert forest ecologists. The course covers everything from the philosophy of land protection to the ecology of landscape change to the legal and financial details of land management and protection.

Geography of Latin America is one of my favorite courses to teach. Learn about human and physical geography of this dynamic and important region. We cover economic and political change, cultural interactions with other regions, religion, music, food, and much more!

GEOG 400: Coffee Twice I have taken students to Nicaragua for a three-credit course that examines the coffee trade and gives students the opportunity to understand coffee and coffee-farming communities from the source -- high in the mountains of Matagalpa. In January 2009, we will return!

GEOG 400: Cape Verde This course examines sustainable development by focusing on a small island country of West Africa, where students have an opportunity to learn about environmental and economic questions in a rapidly changing country.

All of My Courses -- TEXTBOOK Information

Please note: This table presents all of the courses that I teach regularly, and next semester in which each course is scheduled to be taught. The BSU-Follett book store has also begun to make this information available, in compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008.

Where possible, this list includes required textbooks, with a link to details on Amazon.com. The Amazon link is included for convenience -- other vendors might offer a better deal. Used versions are often available, but see my note about used versions of de Blij's text. All of these books will be available in the Follett campus book store, and many will be available -- often for less money -- at Scholars independent book store on Central Square in Bridgewater.

Additional texts may be recommended or required. Once posted here for a specific semester, texts will not be removed. That is, I only post things here that I am committed to assigning. I also never assign books unless we will make significant use of them in class.

Yellow boxes indicate final selections; plain boxes indicate past choices that are still under consideration. Please contact me before purchasing any book for an upcoming class if it is not in a yellow box below.

GEOG 130: Environmental Geography (day) Summer 2012
Carl Safina, The View from Lazy Point: A Natural Year in an Unnatural World. any edition
GEOG 130: Environmental Geography (web) Not scheduled
Susan Cutter & William Renwick, Exploitation, Conservation, Preservation, 4th edition
GEOG 171: Geography of the Global South (web only)
Fall 2012
Sandy Tolan. The Lemon Tree: An Arab, A Jew, and the Heart of the Middle East. (Fall 2012 only)
Harm de Blij, Geography: Realms, Regions, and Concepts, 14th Edition
This edition is available in hard cover or loose-leaf. The Follett book store on campus will get the loose-leaf edition, which is not available through Amazon.com. The text is also available in an online-only edition. I will be posting instructions for accessing instructor-specific WileyPLUS materials prior to beginning of class, and demonstrating the materials on the frist and only class meetings (shown on Infobear)
Used copies of the de Blij book are not recommended, unless you can verify that they include a valid code for the essential, online components (which is highly unlikely).

GEOG 199: Geography of Brockton
Not scheduled T.B.A.
GEOG 199: An Inconvenient Geography Not scheduled
GEOG 298: The Secret Life of Coffee
Summer 2012
Dean Cycon, Javatrekker (also see Dean's Beans page)
Edward Tufte, The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within, first or second edition (also see Tufte page)
GEOG 331: Geography of Environmental Problems
Not scheduled
Goudie, The Human Impact Reader
GEOG 332: Management and Preservation of the Natural Environment Not scheduled
Foster, Thoreau's Country
Wessels, Reading the Forested Landscape
Gustanski, Protecting the Land: Conservation Easements Past, Present, and Future
GEOG 381: Geography of Latin America
Summer 2012 Julia Alvarez. In the Time of the Butterflies or En el Tiempo de las Mariposas (any edition)
Blouet & Blouet, Latin America and the Caribbean. 6th edition (5th edition is OK)
GEOG 400: Geography of Coffee
January 2013
Dean Cycon, Javatrekker
GEOG 400: Geography of Sustainable Development in Cape Verde
Not scheduled
GEOG 400: Geography of Globalization in Brazil
Not scheduled

GEOG 431: Environmental Regulations
Not scheduled Leonard Ortolano, Environmental Regulation and Impact Assessment (expensive but indispensible -- try for a used copy)
Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, any edition
GEOG 441: Geography Frameworks
Not scheduled Professor-provided materials
GEOG 490: Seminar in Geography
Not scheduled
Dr. Amey & Dr.
Helltrom are teaching
this during 2012-2013
Professor-provided materials and
Edward Tufte, The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within, first or second edition (also see Tufte page)
Harm de Blij, The Power of Place.

All contents are the responsibility of Dr. Hayes-Bohanan.
Some of the books purchased through this page earn a small commission for First Parish Church in Bridgewater.
No specific information about these purchses is available to the church or to Dr. Hayes-Bohanan, and students are free to obtain the books in whatever way manner best suits their needs.
The primary purpose of this page is to provide students with information that will allow them to purchase books economically and conveniently.

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