Laura R. Ramsey, Ph.D.


I conduct research on a number of different topics related to stereotyping and prejudice, especially in the context of the lack of diversity in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. For example, I've investigated how implicit stereotypes relate to college math performance, university programs that can support women in STEM, and how agentic rather than communal traits are associated with success in science. My current interests in this area focus on how to increase diversity among faculty at a teaching-intensive institution, with support from an ADVANCE grant.


A second line of research focuses on objectification, which occurs when a person is viewed as an object.  I conduct research on the causes and consequences of objectification. Recently, I have become particularly interested in objectification in the context of romantic relationships.


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In addition to working with a fantastic group of students, I have collaborated with a number of energetic and insightful scholars, including Denise Sekaquaptewa, Diana Betz, Eileen Zurbriggen, Miriam Liss, and Mindy Erchull.