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"Among other results we find... ...that there is a causal effect of absence on performance for students: missing
class leads to poorer performance.
Arulampalam, Naylor, and Smith (2007)

courses offered

GEOG 151 - Human Geography ... (Spatial interactions of humans & their environments)
GEOG 298 - Second Year Seminar, Geography of the News   
GEOG 333 - Geography of Environmental Justice (Sites of "Disproportionate Burden")
GEOG 353 - Urban Geography (Evolution of the US Urban System)
GEOG 363 - Locational Analysis (Site and situation factors in development)
GEOG 365 - Geography of Transportation (History of US transportation networks)
GEOG 462 - Principles of Urban Planning (History and current concepts in urban planning)
GEOG 490 - Senior Seminar

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