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Why you? Why here? What now?

GEOG 151


Who, where, and why there? An introductory course on the interactions of people and their social, cultural, historical, economic and natural environments

GEOG 199


A First Year Seminar (Writing Intensive) on the historical geography of Ireland and Northern Ireland focused on researching the events leading to today's divided island  (NOTE: HONORS COURSE)

GEOG 298


A Second Year Seminar (Speaking Intensive) focused on Africa and the least developed countries of the world's wealthiest continent

GEOG 316


The history and geography of the African-American population, focused on issues of institutionalized racism and its long-ranging effects on the wealth and status of minority populations in the US

GEOG 333


The history of the environmental racism movement and its place in today's civil rights and social justice frameworks

GEOG 340


Methods and Materials for teaching and integrating geography into a variety of disciplines for the K-8 teacher

GEOG 350


A survey of global economic activities, systems, and processes, and how they are interwoven

GEOG 355

Coming soon...

GEOG 382

Coming soon...


Project EarthView is a community outreach program of the Department of Geography serving elementary and middle schools, and other events with a two inflatable "mobile classroom" globes, a series of large floor maps and high school workshops. For more information, go to the link above


The iGlobe is a spherical projection system and interactive globe.

To schedule class tours or community events with the iGlobe,

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