To get a lot of information on practical devices for conserving energy and water, go to the Real Goods  home page. This company specializes in conservation products ranging from small items such as low-watt compact fluorescent light bulbs and low-flow water nozzles to complete solutions to take your household completely off the grid. You can even invest in these technologies by buying stock in the company!
Care2.com is an environmental web community that offers web services that customers use daily - then adds a unique 'green twist'. It provides free e-card, e-mail, news, search, shopping area and other services. Ten percent of the advertising revenues are donated to non-profit environmental organizations. 

The Mining Co. environment guide is an annotated, well organized, and highly selective guide to environmental web sites. Visit often! This is one of 500 different guides in the Mining Co. collection.
HTS Consultancy HTS Development is a leading consultancy in Natural Resource Management and Poverty Alleviation in developing regions throughout the world.


Eco-Compass is the Internet Guide to Environmental Information, sponsored by Island Press. Within each of four categories (Ecosystems, Community Issues, Global Change, and Economics), you'll find overviews of current issues along with detailed features that point the way to related sites and other in-depth information. 

You can also join a list serve to receive environmental updates by e-mail.

Bridgewater's own Boom Environmental Products provides innovative materials for spill cleanups and other environmental purposes.

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Revised: December 13, 2000.