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The Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University conducts leading-edge research on the environmental implications of global economic integration. The work of this institute combines sophisticated economic and institutional analysis with detailed environmental research. The institute also provides resources that make the results of this work accessible to students and other researchers. Some publications can be ordered from the site; others may be downloaded for free.

Enviro Education EE-Link (Environmental Education Link) is maintained by the National Consortium for Environmental Education and Training, and is supported by the U.S. EPA. Although designed primarily for K-12 environmental education, it contains links to many useful and interesting web sites in and outside of EPA. You can follow links to get very specific information about your own local watershed, to interactive sites on global warming, and much more.

The Environmental Ethics and Sustainable Development page is part of the Ethics for Engineering and Science project at Case Western University. It provides access to thoughtful scholarship on the ethical dimensions of human-environment interactions.

Dr. Susan Woodward at Radford University in Virginia is a leader in the use of the web to teach biogeography. The home page for her biogeography course includes her own excellent resources and links to others in biogeography, especially to virtual field trips.

Dr. Philip Stott's Anti EcoHype site is maintained by Professor Stott, a distinguished biogeographer at the University of London. This challenging site offers the strongest critiques mainstream environmental scholarship (including my own).

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