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Organic Chemistry I & II
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CHEM 243 Organic Chemistry I Class Materials
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General Course Information & Resources
CHEM 243 Weekly Schedule, Assignments, Answer Keys
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Periodic Table-IR Chart-pKa Table

Class Project – Exploring Carbon Capture

Office Hours for Dr. Brush
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Wednesday & Thursday (11:15 - 12:30 PM) or by appointment.

CHEM 243 Peer Leader Zoom Office Hours
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Tuesday, 8-9 AM (Carine Freire)
Wednesday, 1-2 PM (Alexis Correira)
Thursday, 11-12 PM (Claurry-Anne Assad)

CHEM 496 Web Page
Senior Seminar in Chemistry
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BSU Environmental (virtual) Symposium – November 21, 2020

Edward J. Brush
Professor of Chemistry

Department of Chemical Sciences
Bridgewater State University
Bridgewater, MA   02325

Phone: (508) 531-2116
Please Note: I will be teaching remotely during the Fall 2020 semester.