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CHEM 243 Organic Chemistry I
Lecture Videos & Power Point Files

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CHEM 243: Mix of Videos & Power Point Lectures from Dr. Brush’s class
NOTE: The sound quality may be poor in some videos from Chapters 1-3

You Tube Videos

Power Point



Key concepts you need to understand:  Valence electrons; Lewis structures; covalent bonds; sigma and pi bonds; single, double, triple bonds; hybridization and molecular geometry; formal charge; drawing organic structures; comparing organic structures (constitutional isomers, identical, different).


CH 1-1 Intro-Lewis Structures-Formal Charge (Review for Bonus Worksheet)

CH 1-1 Power Point

CH 1-2 Hybridization-Geometry (Review for Bonus Worksheet)

CH 1-2 Power Point

CH 1-3 Isomers-Structures

CH 1-3 Power Point





CH 2-1: Hydrocarbons sp3 characterization

CH 2-1 Power Point

CH 2-2: Hydrogen deficiency & constitutional isomers

CH 2-2 Power Point

CH 2-3: Other functional groups

CH 2-3 Power Point

CH 2-4: Unknown ID using IR

CH 2-4 Power Point

CH 2-5: Zig-zag structures

CH 2-5 Power Point







CH 3-1: Bronsted Acids and Bases

CH 3-1 Power Point

CH 3-2: Acid/Base Eq & pKa

CH 3-2 Power Point

CH 3-3: Mechanism Acid/Base Reactions

CH 3-3 Power Point

CH 3-4: Predicting Acid Strength & pKa’s

CH 3-4 Power Point

CH 3-5: pH/pKa and Acid/Base Structure

CH 3-5 Power Point

CH 3-6: Acid/Base Exchange Reactions

CH 3-6 Power Point







CH 4-1: Naming Alkanes

CH 4-1 Power Point

CH 4-2: Naming Cycloalkanes (PDF only)

CH 4-2 Power Point

CH 4-3: Intro to Alkane conformations (embedded video only, no sound)

CH 4-3 Power Point

NOTE: CH 4-3 is the actual narrated Power Point with an embedded video on slide 2.  You might need to save to your computer to view properly.  The embedded video may not work on some smart phone devices. If that is the case, I included a link to the embedded video (no narration). 

CH 4-4: Newman Projections

CH 4-4 Power Point

CH 4-5: Cycloalkane Conformations I (No video – power point only)

CH 4-5 Power Point

CH 4-6: Cycloalkane Conformations II

CH 4-6 Power Point







CH 5-1: Intro to Stereochemistry; Chiral Carbon; Enantiomers (power point only)

CH 5-1 Power Point

CH 5-2: R & S Configurations

CH 5-2 Power Point

CH 5-3: Diastereomers

CH 5-3 Power Point

CH 5-4: Practice – Converting a Newman Projection into a line structure

CH 5-4 Power Point

CH 5-5: Fisher Projections

CH 5-5 Power Point

CH 5-6: Meso Compounds

CH 5-6 Power Point

CH 5-7: Stereoisomers in Cycloalkanes

CH 5-7 Power Point





CH 6-1: Introduction to the SN2 Reaction-I

CH 6-1 Power Point

CH 6-2: Introduction to the SN2 Reaction-II

CH 6-2 Power Point

CH 6-3:  Intro to the SN2 Reaction-III

CH 6-3 Power Point

CH 6-4: SN1 Reaction-Part I

CH 6-4 Power Point

CH 6-5: SN1 Reaction-Part II

CH 6-5 Power Point

CH 6-6: SN1 Reaction-Part III

CH 6-6 Power Point

CH 6-7: E2 & E1 Reactions-Part I

CH 6-7 Power Point

CH 6-8: E2 & E1 Reactions-Part II

CH 6-8 Power Point

CH 6-9: E2 & E1 Reactions-Part III

CH 6-9 Power Point





CH 7-1: Introduction to Alkenes & Alkynes

CH 7-1 Power Point

CH 7-2: Nomenclature

CH 7-2 Power Point

CH 7-3: E2 Stereochemistry

CH 7-3 Power Point

CH 7-4: E2 & E1 Dehydration of Alcohols

CH 7-4 Power Point

CH 7-5: SN1 & E1 Rearrangements

CH 7-5 Power Point

CH 7-6: Hydrogenation of Alkenes

CH 7-6 Power Point





CH 8-1: Electrophilic Addition of H-X to alkenes

CH 8-1 Power Point

CH 8-2: Electrophilic Addition of H2O & ROH

CH 8-2 Power Point

CH 8-3: Electrophilic Addition of Br2 & Cl2

CH 8-3 Power Point





CH 11-1: Intro to Alcohols & Nomenclature

CH 11-1 Power Point

CH 11-2: Addition of HX to ROH

CH 11-2 Power Point

CH 11-3: ROH Substitution & Ether Synthesis

CH 11-3 Power Point

CH 11-4: Epoxides

CH 11-4 Power Point



For Chapters 9+ please go to my CHEM 244 videos.