Sandra Faiman-Silva, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair, Anthropology Department

MSCA-BSC Grievance Officer     

100E Burrill Office Pod,  508-531-2369, 1799,

Office Hours:   TR  930-10:45,  12;30-2:00 and by appt. 

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Cultural Anthropology

Public Archaeology

General Anthropology

Anthropology Club

       LACS Minor

The Cultural Anthropology Concentration introduces students to the cross-cultural study of humankind.  Students take courses in various topical areas of anthropology and in geographic areas.  Students can also participate in applied and service learning projects, study tours, and other travel opportunities. Cultural anthropology is a liberal arts major that trains students to think critically, overcome ethnocentrism, and respect human diversity. Students work in the social services, law, business, education, or go on to graduate school.

Public archaeology is a practical field of study leading to expertise in cultural resource management and public material preservation.  Students take courses in archaeological methods, prehistory, and in related disciplines, including geology, chemistry, and geography. Students work in museums, archaeological sites, colleges, and in public service occupations, or go on to graduate school.  Please contact Professor Hoffman, x2249 for more information

The General Anthropology Concentration allows students to pursue four of anthropology’s five areas of anthropology inquiry:  cultural anthropology, public archaeology, biological anthropology, and applied anthropology.  Students are required to take courses in three of these areas, and complete an applied or service-learning project related to anthropology.  See the Anthropology brochure for more information on this new anthropology concentration.  

The Anthropology Department sponsors a student-run Anthropology Club, which hosts meetings on campus.  Through Club activities students can network with other cultural anthropology and archaeology students, learn about research activities, hear guest lectures, and plan other social events and activities.  Please contact Professor Faiman-Silva, x2369 for more information.

The 18-credit LACS Minor introduces students to history, literature, languages, societies, and cultures of Latin America, through an 18-credit program of study.  Contact Professor Faiman-Silva, x2369 for information about the Minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. 










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