*    Falmouth Oral History Project: Falmouth History in the 20th

Century, 1999-2000

Sandra Faiman-Silva,  Project Scholar

Ann Sears, Director, Falmouth Historical Society


This project, under the auspices of the Falmouth Historical Society, is sponsored in part by a small grant from the Massachusetts Council for the Humanities and a BSC Faculty Summer Grant awarded by CART, the BSC Center for the Advancement of Research and Teaching.


Participants in the project are interviewing approximately 25 Falmouth residents to document life in Falmouth in the 20th Century.  Interviews are being audio and video recorded by Project volunteers.


As project scholar, I am overseeing interviewing of approximately

25 Falmouth residents as part of the Falmouth Oral History Project. 

I presented a talk in May, 2000, about oral history and will present

three talks during the Fall, 2000.