Dr. John F. Santore

Computer Science Department

333 DMF Science Building
Bridgewater State University.
Office: DMF Science Center 333
email: jsantore @ bridgew.EDU

Office Hours for Fall 2023

  • Monday 10-11am
  • Tuesday 4:45-5:45pm
  • Thursday 11am-Noon
  • Friday 10-11am
    or by appointment

Computer Science I (Comp151)

This is our first course in programming and Computer Science. It is currently taught in Python.

2D Game Programming

In this class we will examine both game design and programming for a lot of the 2d techniques that are hidden in today's popular frameworks.

Teaching Archive

I put all of my old class websites here. As I run out of space, I often have to remove the supporting files, but I leave the syllabi at least up for more of less ever.

Future Expansion

This area is reserved for future work