John F. Santore - Teaching Archive  

Here web pages for classes that I've taught in the past will be archived for a while (till I run over my web space quota and have to remove them. Some links may be broken due to me removing larger files and general web drift. These are here for reference only.

Teaching for Spring 2023

Teaching for Fall 2022

Teaching for Spring 2022

    The Undergraduate Capstone -Comp490 (Senior Design and Development Seminar)
    Emerging Languages: Go
    Intro to Computer Science

Fall 2021:

2d Games graduate and undergraduate
Comp 152: Intro to Computer SCience Part II

  • Robotics For Grad Students (materials found on MS Teams)
  • Comp490 Senior Design and Development Seminar (CS Capstone Course)
  • Spring2020 (blast from the past - covid forced major adjustment halfway through)

    Comp 152
    Grad Software Engineering
    Undergrad Capstone

    Fall 2019


    2d Game Design

    Spring 2019

    The Senior Design Seminar (Capstone Course)


    Computer Science I

    Rust vs Go Seminar

    Spring 2018:

    Senior Design Seminar

    Graduate Software Engineering


    CS1 (comp151 in python)
    Logic and Computers

    Spring 2017:

    Senior Design and Development Seminar

    Fall 2016:


    Spring 2016:

    Computer Science I- Honors
    Senior Development Seminar
    Grad Software Engineering

    Fall 2015:

    Graduate Robotics
    Comp 151 (Intro to computer Science)

    Spring 2015

    Senior Design Seminar
    Artificial Intelligence
    Comp199 (starting at the halfway point of the semester)

    Fall 2014

    2D Games (Grad Class)
    Operating Systems
    Intro to Computer Science (comp151)

    Spring 2014

    Comp399: Digital Forensics and Pen Testing
    Comp596: Mobile Devices
    Comp152: Introduction to Computer Science II


    Comp199 Information Security Seminar
    Comp 152: Intro to Computer Science II

    Spring 2013

    Comp 152: Intro to Computer Science II
    Mobile Development

    Fall 2012

    Comp 152: Intro to computer science II (coming Soon)
    2D Games
    Transitions to C++

    Spring 2012

    Comp 152: Intro to computer science II


    Intro to computer Science
    Transitions to C++
    Graduate Robotics

    Spring 2011

    2D Game Development (Grad and undergrad)
    cs1: Introduction to computer Science

    Fall 2010

    Introduction to Computer Science I
    Mobile Device Development Seminar.

    Spring 2010

    Comp102: Intro to CS part II
    Comp202: Transitions in programming: C++
    Comp596: Internet Programming for Grads

    Fall 2009
    Software Engineering
    2-d Game Design

    Spring 2009

    Comp101 Honors

    Robotics (grad and undergrad)

    Software Engineering

    Fall 2008

    Internet Programming

    Introduction to Computer Science

    Spring 2008

    Intro to computer science (Comp101)
    Software Engineering(Comp 442)
    Intro to AI(Comp 470)

    Fall 2007
    Intro to computer Science

    Seminar: Whats the next "big thing"? Python? Ruby?


    Spring 2007

    Artificial Intelligence

    Software Engineering (grad and undergrad)

    Fall 2006

    Operating Systems

    Introduction to Computer Science I

    Spring 2006:

    Intro to Computer Science II


    Fall 2005:

    CS102 Introduction to Computer Science II

    CS199 Freshman Seminar: Information Security

    CS580: Database Systems

    CS105: Introduction to Computers and Applications


    Spring 2005:

    Last semester, I taught these courses:

    Robotics (CS 460 and CS 570)

    Induction to Computer Science II (cs102)


    Fall 2004:

    Computer Science 2 (cs102)

    Introduction to Computer Applications (cs105)