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 Advising  is ticking!

To all my advisees: PLEASE SCHEDULE YOUR ADVISING SESSION AS  SOON AS POSSIBLE. A sign up sheet is taped to my office door. You may also call 508-531-2187 or email jalobaidi@bridgew.edu for an appointment. I can also clear your name for ONLINE registration after our meeting.

The purpose of academic advising includes but not limited to:

b16.gif (395 bytes) Help you to formulate and reach your own educational interests.
b16.gif (395 bytes) Making sure that you understand the objectives and requirements of the  communication studies  and liberal arts degree.
b16.gif (395 bytes) Getting permission to withdraw from a class.
b16.gif (395 bytes) Obtaining approval of distribution credit from transfer courses.

Therefore, it is important that you stay on the top of your academic record by knowing exactly what you have finished and what has to be registered for in the next semester.

I hope to see you doing great job and making a great progress in your  study program.

Please stop by the office LIB215K for advising or just to say hello!

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