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Organic Chemistry I & II
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Welcome to CHEM 244 Organic Chemistry II - Spring 2023
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CHEM 244 Class Syllabus
CHEM 244 Organic Chemistry II lecture videos
CHEM 244 – Class Schedule, Worksheets, Exams, Answer Keys
CHEM 243 Organic Chemistry I lecture videos (for review)
Substitution/Elimination FLOW CHART
Info Sheet: Periodic Table, IR, pKa Table

CHEM 244L-001 Lab Syllabus (Dr. Brush)


·      DR. BRUSH:
          >Use this link to sign-up for a “formal” meeting
          >You are also invited to “drop-in” at any time (open door policy)
          >In-person meetings will be held in DMF 407
          >Zoom Office Hours: Use the meeting link in Blackboard

(Contact a Peer Leader by email to request an appointment)
Zachary Gekow
                    >Logan Heath  
                    >Samuel Warner

·      ZOOM CLASS OPTION – If you are sick, please DO NOT come to class! Stay away and rest! You can use the “Zoom option” to join class:
         >Send me an email AT LEAST ONE HOUR BEFORE CLASS
         >I will confirm your Zoom attendance, and email you the group worksheet
         >Use the Zoom class link found in Blackboard
         >You must turn on your camera and participate in group discussions

Edward J. Brush
Professor of Chemistry

Department of Chemical Sciences
Bridgewater State University
Bridgewater, MA   02325

Phone: (508) 531-2116