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CHEM 243 Organic Chemistry I
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CHEM 243: Mix of Videos & Power Point Lectures from Dr. Brush’s class
NOTE: The sound quality may be poor in some videos from Chapters 1-3
(NOTE: CHEM 244 videos can be found here)

You Tube Videos

Power Point



Key concepts you need to understand:  Valence electrons; Lewis structures; covalent bonds; sigma and pi bonds; single, double, triple bonds; hybridization and molecular geometry; formal charge; drawing organic structures; comparing organic structures (constitutional isomers, identical, different).


CH 1-1 Intro-Lewis Structures-Formal Charge (Review for Worksheet “Zero”)

CH 1-1 Power Point

CH 1-2 Hybridization-Geometry (Review for Worksheet “Zero”)

CH 1-2 Power Point

CH 1-3 Isomers-Structures

CH 1-3 Power Point





CH 2-1: Hydrocarbons sp3 characterization

CH 2-1 Power Point

CH 2-2: Hydrogen deficiency & constitutional isomers

CH 2-2 Power Point

CH 2-3: Other functional groups

CH 2-3 Power Point

For an introduction to IR spectroscopy, watch this video first, but only focus on the IR section: Review – IR and Hydrogen Deficiency

Review – IR & HD

CH 2-4: Unknown ID using IR

CH 2-4 Power Point

CH 2-5: Zig-zag structures

CH 2-5 Power Point







CH 3-1: Bronsted Acids and Bases

CH 3-1 Power Point

CH 3-2: Acid/Base Eq & pKa

CH 3-2 Power Point

CH 3-3: Mechanism Acid/Base Reactions

CH 3-3 Power Point

CH 3-4: Predicting Acid Strength & pKa’s

CH 3-4 Power Point

CH 3-5: pH/pKa and Acid/Base Structure

CH 3-5 Power Point

CH 3-6: Acid/Base Exchange Reactions

CH 3-6 Power Point







CH 4-1: Naming Alkanes

CH 4-1 Power Point

CH 4-2: Naming Cycloalkanes

CH 4-2 Power Point

CH 4-3: Intro to Alkane conformations (READ BELOW)

CH 4-3 Power Point

CH 4-3 is not a YouTube video, but the actual narrated Power Point. There is an embedded video on slide #2. To use CH 4-3:

1) Click and open this power point video file.

2) Start the slide show (Slide Show Menu – from the beginning)

3) If a “Security Alert” box opens, select “Enable external content for this session.

4) Power point video will now play. On slide #2 you will be prompted to start the embedded video. After you start that video, move your mouse away from the embedded video picture.

CH 4-4: Newman Projections

CH 4-4 Power Point

CH 4-5: Cycloalkane Conformations I

CH 4-5 Power Point

CH 4-6: Cycloalkane Conformations II

CH 4-6 Power Point







CH 5-1: Intro to Stereochemistry; Chiral Carbon; Enantiomers

CH 5-1 Power Point

CH 5-2: R & S Configurations

CH 5-2 Power Point

CH 5-3: Diastereomers

CH 5-3 Power Point

CH 5-4: Practice – Converting a Newman Projection into a line structure

CH 5-4 Power Point

CH 5-5: Fisher Projections

CH 5-5 Power Point

CH 5-6: Meso Compounds

CH 5-6 Power Point

CH 5-7: Stereoisomers in Cycloalkanes

CH 5-7 Power Point





CH 6-1: Introduction to the SN2 Reaction-I

CH 6-1 Power Point

CH 6-2: Introduction to the SN2 Reaction-II

CH 6-2 Power Point

Zoom Tutorial Video: 2-step SN2 Reaction      Passcode: M7GV&A5@


CH 6-3:  Intro to the SN2 Reaction-III

CH 6-3 Power Point

CH 6-4: SN1 Reaction-Part I

CH 6-4 Power Point

CH 6-5: SN1 Reaction-Part II

CH 6-5 Power Point

CH 6-6: SN1 Reaction-Part III

CH 6-6 Power Point

CH 6-7: E2 & E1 Reactions-Part I

CH 6-7 Power Point

CH 6-8: E2 & E1 Reactions-Part II

CH 6-8 Power Point

CH 6-9: E2 & E1 Reactions-Part III

CH 6-9 Power Point





CH 7-1: Introduction to Alkenes & Alkynes

CH 7-1 Power Point

CH 7-2: Nomenclature

CH 7-2 Power Point

CH 7-3: E2 Stereochemistry

CH 7-3 Power Point

CH 7-4: E2 & E1 Dehydration of Alcohols

CH 7-4 Power Point

CH 7-5: SN1 & E1 Rearrangements

CH 7-5 Power Point

CH 7-6: Hydrogenation of Alkenes

CH 7-6 Power Point





CH 8-1: Electrophilic Addition of H-X to alkenes

CH 8-1 Power Point

CH 8-2: Electrophilic Addition of H2O & ROH

CH 8-2 Power Point

CH 8-3: Electrophilic Addition of Br2 & Cl2

CH 8-3 Power Point





CH 11-1: Intro to Alcohols & Nomenclature

CH 11-1 Power Point

CH 11-2: Addition of HX to ROH

CH 11-2 Power Point

CH 11-3: ROH Substitution & Ether Synthesis

CH 11-3 Power Point

CH 11-4: Epoxides

CH 11-4 Power Point