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Chair, Department of Anthropology

Tillinghast Hall 239
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Office Hours: Mondays, 12:00 1:30; Tues.-Thurs. 11:00 12:00

Fall 04 classes:

AN 111
Myth and Culture

AN 206
Native Cultures of North America

AN 328
Archaeology of North America

Projectile Points
CRM Final Project

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The Robbins Museum of Archaeology

Massachusetts Archaeological Society


A Catalog of Lithic
Tool Types

Coming in the Spring of 2005

Be part of the Exploring Consciousness Learning Community!

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The Departments of Sociology/Anthropology and Psychology are offering students the opportunity to participate in a Learning Community
designed to explore the multidimensional dynamics of human consciousness.

Dr. Curtiss Hoffman and Dr. Susan Todd will be offering two linked
courses, offered back to back as a learning community:

PY 350 Special Topics: Psychology of Consciousness
TR 12:15 1:40

AN 404 Culture and Consciousness
TR 10:50 12:05


Students enrolled in the Learning Community will enroll in both courses

These two courses will coordinate topics and activities, providing
students with remarkable personal, academic, and professional
experiences. Students will record their personal dream experiences
and will have the opportunity to explore and examine their dreams
through a variety of methods, including individual work and group
dream sharing.

Both courses will explore consciousness, including states of
consciousness such as the evolution of consciousness, dreaming,
hypnosis, meditation and visionary states from both a cross-cultural
and an interdisciplinary perspective. These courses will also examine
the contributions of consciousness studies to an understanding of
personality, psychotherapy, recovered memory, and creativity, as
well as healing of the self and society, mysticism, paranormal
experience and shamanism.

Begin planning your Spring schedule--don't miss this chance!