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Physics 199:  First Year Seminar -- Science Fiction in Black, Blue and Green

In this webpage, you will find notes and materials for Thomas P. Kling's First Year Seminar on science and science fiction.  There are links here to a variety of sources of interest to students of science fiction and specifically to the class.

Movie Groups Page

Film Links:

Internet Movie Database -- a wiki-style database on films
2001 Movie Clips -- powerpoint presentation with some 2001 film clips used in class
2001 website -- check out the downloadable sounds

Links for Science Fiction:

Los Alamos Archive -- preprint server for physics and astronomy (see gr-qc and astro-ph)
NASA ADS -- preprint server for astronomy
Living Reviews -- requested review articles in GR, solar physics
BSC Library Physics Resources -- from BSC's library

Other links of interest:

HST Public Site -- for various Hubble related links.
Einstein Exhibit -- American Museum of Natural History Special Exhibit on Einstein.
The time we thought we knew NY Times Op-Ed on January 1, 2004 by Brian Greene.
Black Hole Observations NY Times article on observed tidal effects from black holes.
JFK address detailing need for a space mission.
NASA Space missions a listing of various NASA Space Missions.
Profile of Lisa Randall -- NY Times article on the prominent String Theorist
Dangling Particles -- NY Times Op-Ed by Lisa Randall
The Raelians because their funny.