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There are a number opportunities to engage in an international student teaching experience each semester: at the Leighton Academy (N-11 years) or Ruskin Secondary School in Crewe, England, the elementary schools in Dublin (an Early Childhood, Elementary or Special Education experience; only a fall semester experience), Colegio Menor, an international school in Quito, Ecuador, the schools on Ambergris Caye, in the town of San Pedro, Belize, at the Jockey Club Primary School, an international school in Hong Kong, associated with the Hong Kong Institute of Education or at the American School (EARJ) in Rio de Janeiro.


This is a one quarter (typically seven - eight weeks).  Most, if not all cases, students will go abroad in the 2nd or 4th quarter.  You must make application for this experience as you would for your Massachusetts school practicum – applications are due for the fall by mid-February and in the spring by mid-October.  You must have met practicum (coursework and all required MTELs) eligibility through your department.  Important: note that application dates may vary department by department and the Office of Study Abroad's dates are often before the due date of a department.  Participants will be selected by representatives of the College of Education and Allied Studies.

The opportunity in England is at the Leighton Academy (N-11years) or the Sir William Stanier Secondary School (11-18 years) in Crewe, England, about 45 miles south of Manchester.  The Leighton Academy holds the International School Award, provided by the British Council.  Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) has a campus at Crewe; you would live in the residence halls at MMU/Cheshire. In spring 2015, for instance, we had three undergraduates - one Special Education and Math, two Elementary Ed and History and one Special Education graduate student - in Crewe.

Another opportunity is in Rio de Janeiro at the American School (EARJ).  You would teach (in English) in one of the best schools in the world. classroom.  While in Rio you will live with a host family (and probably learn some Portuguese).

In Dublin you'll teach in local Irish schools.  This opportunity is associated (and you live on campus) with the Marino Institute of Education.  Ireland is a fall only opportunity.

In Belize  you will be in the schools and living on Ambergris Caye (island) in the town of San Pedro.  You will live in an apartment and teach in local schools.  In spring 2015 we had five students going to Belize; four dual license students, and one Elementary Ed graduate student teaching at the San Pedro Roman Catholic School

In Quito, Ecuador, you will be teaching (and living with a host family and yes, practicing your Spanish) at Colegio Menor, an all English international (interestingly, the most 'American' of the schools we work with) school.  Colegio Menor is an exceptional school where you will use the most up to date technology.  This past spring we had a Elementary Education major and an Early Childhood major going to Menor.

In the fall, 2014, we had our first student go to Hong Kong.  This opportunity is associated with the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIE).  Our student taught at an international school, the Jockey Club Primary School, located on the HKIE campus. Yes, very exciting!  Note the article about the use of tablets to enhance learning.  Hong Kong is an international city (much like New York or London) and is considered to be one of the safest cities in the world.

And we may have the opportunity in the near future to do student teaching on the Red Cloud Indian School in South Dakota.  Check out  We are also in discussion with our partner in Rome, Italy, John Cabot University about placing students in 2017 in Rome. 

For special educators or Dual majors, this will be your elementary or early childhood ‘inclusion’ experience. 

Note that we very much encourage applications from those preparing to be middle or high school teachers - this program is NOT limited to those in the early grades.

For more information, please review the application and supporting materials below - for further information please contact Dr. Robert MacMillan at

Information Gathering and Meetings --

  • You need to complete the application below to begin the information and selection process.  You will send the application to Dr. MacMillan at the aforementioned email address.
  • Note that you will need a letter (or email) of support from a member of the faculty.
  • Over the course of the year we will have Bridgewater State students who have already completed their international practicum share their experience with those who are interested in the experience.   We can connect you with students who have gone away so that you can talk with them about their experiences.
  • We work cooperatively with Ms. Alida Gomez (email at (Office of Study Abroad) whose office is located in the Minnock Center for International Engagement in Maxwell Library.  The Study Abroad's website is - for specific information go to the 'programs' link:
  • We do have scholarships available!://
  • Go onto our Blog and read about our student's experiences.  road Programs at Bridgewater State.  Her office will assist you in specific travel questions and arrangements.

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Email Dr. MacMillan to get your CEAS application and the estimated cost of the experience (note: you will need to make application to your department to student teach and you are to make CLEAR that you are exploring the possibility that you will do one quarter of your experience in an international setting; in effect you will make three applications 1)  to your department, 2) to Dr. MacMillan and 3) to Study Abroad)





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