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Geography, Meteorology and Climatology

(last updated: 4 September 2003)

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So, you want to do geography…and get paid for it!

The American Association of Geographers provides more information at:


So, you want to do meteorology and/or climatology!

The American Meteorological Society provides more information at:

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In the mean time, try these links (note that deadlines for the 2nd and 3rd jobs are coming soon).  The Lab Tech position is ongoing, and you may need to wait for slots to open. Never hurts to give it a try.

Lab Tech


Posted 4 Sept, 2003

For juniors or seniors interested in helping Earth Sciences and Geography instructors set up labs and organize equipment:

NEW!  The currently available position will provide hands-on experience with weather forecasting, helping to maintain a professional weather station, work with the new BSC Wind Tunnel and state-of-the-art computer techniques for data analysis (bonus when you apply for jobs). Contact Dr. Robert A. Hellstrom if you are interested in applying.

Mount Washington


Work at the Mount Washington Observatory this Summer!  Application: online or Volunteer as a guide in a most exciting weather environment: Volunteer info.

National Weather Service Internship

Potential for Hydrology Intern

NWS in Taunton wants a motivated BSC student to work at the River Forecast Office....more to NWS






  For Help, Contact: Dr. Robert A. Hellstrom, Instructor at Bridgewater State College, Department of Earth Sciences & Geography