Student Laboratory Technicians wanted in the Department of Earth Sciences and Geography

(positions will fill quickly; if interested/qualified, please foreward your cover letter and resume)



Department of Earth Sciences and Geography

Seeking junior- and senior-level students motivated by geosciences


Willing to learn skills:

·        Organizing and preparation of lab samples and equipment

·        Archiving minerals and fossils

·        Upkeep of map collections

·        Setup and upkeep of meteorological instrumentation


Application requirements:

·        Work 5 or more hours per week: $6.75/hr or more depending on experience

·        Knowledge of procedures, equipment and safety

·        Have taken one or more classes below:

o       Mineralogy, petrology, sedimentology, paleontology

o       Physical geography, meteorology, climatology, remote sensing, aerial photography, computer cartography, GIS


Interested?   Submit cover letter and resume to:


Dr. Robert Hellström, (508) 531-2842


Dr. Jacek Sulanowski, (508) 531-2125


Department of Earth Sciences and Geography

Bridgewater State College

Bridgewater, MA 02325