Earth Science 560-G1: Topics in Earth Science

Meteorology for Middle and High School Teachers

This class will focus on:

"Phase Change of Water in the Atmosphere"


(last updated: 28 June 2002)

New course for 2004 covers Phase Change of Water (not just the atmosphere): Click on ES560-G2


Special Announcements: 

-Enlightening Presentations of Hands-On Inquiry, Thank you for a fruitful short-course...until the next one, this is only scratching the surface. Have a great summer, Dr. Rob Hellström.


-Please turn in projects #1 and 2 along with the project you created for the  presentation (I have the majority in hand)

-You may print (and modify) the projects presented in this course; click on Class Outline link below; you need MS Word to read them.

-Please contact the instructor for grade (within one week of completing course)

-This page will be maintained/updated with inquiry-based activities and web-based links

This web page provides important material and updates for the short-course above. 


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