Book Sites

Your Book's Website (Clean Code and its Successor)
BDD in action (another of your books for the class)
Soft Skills (your last book for this course)
Test Driven Development with python (a really nice book on the subject - read it for free from the publisher - please consider buying it for your collection)

GitHub client
Git Client for Windows
Git Client for Mac

Collaboration Tools


Keeping up with your 'lifetime learning'

Hacker news

Coder Radio - two perspectives on the independent contractor approach to making a software living

Talk python to me voted by last years students as having the best podcast theme-song


The intro lecture
Good naming conventions
Introduction to TDD
Clean Functions
What kind of developer do you want to be when you 'grow up'?
Clean code Comments
professional - how to
Clean OOP notes
Notes on Teams
Clean Error Handling
Clean Tests and introducing BDD
Introduction to BDD
BDD Executable specs - feature files
BDD executable specs - step files
Some Links to instrumentation tools, mostly for android
Clean Third Party Code
What is the future of agile?
Complexity and Clean Systems
Processes, ethics, usability etc.
from time to time I'll add the lecture slides here.
using Git by Kathy
Debugging Slides by Edson
Multi-sitecollaboration tools by Kayla
Pedro's TFVC slides
Prince's GIT slides
Luke's Slides on Debugging with pycharm
Joe's Presentation on Microsoft's TFS
Al's Presentation for Multi-site Collaboration tool.
License and copyright by Mohammed
Programming language trends by Cassandra
Version control best practices by Ed
Licensing and Copyright by Michael
Programming Language Trends by Sean
Regular Expressions by Joshua
Version Control Standard Practices by Michael
Programming language usage noted by Danny
Disruptive Computing by Nick (not yet delivered)
Software Profiling by Eric
Dependency Injection by Crisa
Command Line tools by Tyler
Programming language Usage by Kevin
Internet of Things by Jeff
Ryans Command line tutorial
Containers and Docker by Ryan
Becoming a system admin/It tech by Mario
Micro Services vs Traditional Monolithic Architecture by Wei
How 'Free' sites make their money by Conor 
Internet of Things by Craig
Dev Ops by Patrick