Robotics Announcements

more on hacking the surgery robot.

Hacking the surgery robot

More tele-presence - surrogates are on the way?

Japanese robots helping with their population inversion

Neat new robot travel mechanism.

Your alternate assignment for while I'm returning from the conference on Monday is now available.

More military uses for robots

"stop the killer robots" movement continues

flexible robots for American manufacturing

Google patents downloadable robot personalities/

the next war will be decided by robots?

And more robots for battle (and the aftermath)

========================================March -April cutoff.========================

Google getting into robot surgery

will this be the robot that finally gets rid of the guide dog? others have tried before

One step closer to a robotic fly on the wall.

Telepresence robots - finally ready to take off?

micro sensors for nano robots

And now we get a peek at Russia's military robots.

Next Gen home robots are coming

Jibo Website Ad on youtube

Robots in the cloud? good idea or bad?

Look how far we are with 'bionic' /cybernetic prosthetics

Autonomous killing robots?

I for one do not welcome our new robot overlords?

ok - good thing we are getting digital forensics people because handwriting is useless in criminal cases now

more on the coming robot-driven changes to the workforce

Bye bye 'would you like fries with that?'!?

'torture'? a robot?

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Midterm review is up

Any interest in a local student oriented hackfest?


A cure for the isolation of our increasingly connected world?

The future of ware will be robotic?

robot sports - the answer to ethical questions about cyborg athletes?

More evidence that people are becoming emotionally attached to robots.

robots taking jobs? no big deal.

5 white collar Jobs robots and software have already made obsolete

3-D printed robots

Robotic exoskeletons

Navy's robot firefighter now available.

Robocop coming?

More indication that "would you like fries with that" will not be around long.

Or maybe robots won't steal all the jobs.

Japanese hotel with robot labor We'll talk more about those humanoid robots later in the course.

The UK to allow robot cars by 2017?

The perennial debate - robots and jobs

Boston Dynamics has done some great work on low level robotics

A no fly zone for drones?

remember when I said this would be the future?

Even jobs that require thought and a body are starting to be done by robots

Will we really see this much disruption over the next 10 years?

Not really a robot, but indicative of a larger trend

Welcome to Robotics for Spring 2015. I'll post announcements from time to to here and often post news from this rapidly changing field here.