Useful Web Links at this point in the course :

Python docs are available on line.

You can grab python from here Be sure to get version 3.6.xfor the first half of the class, but the NAO robots need legacy python 2

Get the pycharm editor/IDE from here You can either get the community edition, or join their academic program and get the professional edition.

From time to time I will put my lecture slides on the website here:

  • first day lecture
  • robotics intro jargon and context
  • Teleoperation
  • Sensors for Robots
  • Our robots - sensors done - the rest might take a bit.
  • First look at effectors with a focus on wheels
  • Locomotion, Gaits, and More effectors with a look at some cutting edge effectors
  • feedback control
  • Intro to control architectures
  • Introduction to Human Robot interaction and social robotics
  • Behavioral Robotics
  • Reactive Control notes
  • Representation slides
  • Reasoning about space and discrete path planning
  • Intro to the Nao robots
  • Bug algorithms etc
  • Swarm Robotics