Useful Web Links at this point in the course :

AppInventor site

A site on Logical reasoning

Your Book's Website

From time to time I will put my lecture slides on the website here:

The notes from the first week

Avoiding the Question, Red herrings and special pleading
Intro to components in Appinventor
If Lists and more working with AppInventor
More avoiding the question, Ad Hominem, Genetic, Tu Quoque fallacies
Finishing avoiding the Question, Appeals to Authority and the People along with strawman
Starting talking about assumptions
Procedures and baby introduction to graphics
Assumptions Part 2
Part-whole and whole-part
Statistical Fallacies part 1, generalizations and analogies
More Statistical Fallacies - weak analogies and post hoc
Lack of Evidence and intro propaganda

The slides for live coding the calculator and second slides on propaganda

Finishing Propaganda techniques

propositional logic (you can ignore the section on first order logic since we didn't get there