Useful Web Links at this point in the course :

Python docs are available on line.

You can grab python from here Be sure to get version 3.6.x not legacy python 2

Get the pycharm editor/IDE from here You can either get the community edition, or join their academic program and get the professional edition.

Your Book's Website

From time to time I will put my lecture slides on the website here:

The introductory Lecture
A bunch of little things to get you started in programming
Arithmetic and oddities of Math in python
Introduction to Objects and the Zelle Library
Control Flow, Ifs, logic and whiles
File I/O, working with strings and lists
The slides for working with excel and openpyxl. I reserve the right to add more to this. But I wanted to make them available after the first day.
Short slides on moving stuff using from before midterm
Functions, Parameters, return values etc
Bugs and social issues in computing.
Simple Algorithms summing, sorting, median, largest smallest etc.

Collections and notes on sound using pyglet library and collisions


Internationalization, ASCII etc