Assets: (sounds, images, artwork, etc as used in games)

A really nice site with assets available under a variaty of licenses. Most of them require attribution so make sure to include that in your writeup.
The new home of spritelib - which has several useful spritesheets
Free to use assets from gameart2d
Free Game Art Site used for tiled background
Reiner's tilesets. (game assets available under very generous terms)
The Gimp(image editing software)
A youtube tutorial on making images with tranparent backgrounds in GIMP that Sean pointed me at.
Has Graphics - has a few useful spritesheets
Simplified coding has some nice tutorials on html5. I've used some of them in developing the course. (and some of their open use image sheets)

Class Notes. From time to time I will put up some of the class notes:

The intro lecture
The html5 intro
Simple Naive Movement in Games
What is a game
Time: Scrolling and Animation
Venues for Play
javascript objects
Game Goals
Collision Detection and simple sound playing
Your players - and game review issues here and abroad
Game Loops, slowing animation and odds and ends
Tiled backgrounds and loading files
Intellectual property
Vector based movement.
The vector class I referenced
Game Conceptualization
Game Systems/Dynamics
Game AI Part I FSM and Flocking
Game AI part 2 - paths
Networking in games lightweight intro